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We are doulas servicing the community and surrounding area of Regina, Saskatchewan. Our goal is to help parents feel comfortable with their newborn by mothering the mother. We support the new mother by taking care of tasks around the house, so she has ample recovery and bonding time with her new baby. We also offer reassurance and hands-on care through non-judgemental support with feeding and household organization, and by supplying the information that parents need to make their own decisions on how to integrate their newborn into their lifestyle.

Brooke Rensby

Brooke Rensby

"I am a Birth Ways International trained Doula. I took my Labour Doula course the summer of 2014 and the Post Partum Doula course early spring of 2015.

I have been through the birthing process once, and enjoyed every moment of it. Having support through my pregnancy and post partum days had a huge impact on my emotional and physical health and feel blessed that I surrounded myself with a circle of supportive people.

I am a firm believer that a woman's body is capable of anything when it comes to birth, and I want to help you have the birth and post partum support that you want and deserve. I believe positive thoughts have a huge impact on every aspect of your life, and I will be there with you through these days and help you through them.

The final choices that are made for your pregnancy, birth and post partum days should be made by you and we will work together to ensure you feel empowered and confident in your role as a parent."

CherylAnn Ali

CherylAnn Ali

"Trained through Birth Ways International, I have completed both my Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula courses.

I am fully committed to helping you feel empowered during your labour and delivery. Studies have shown that women who are respected and make informed decisions while in labour report more positive feelings about their experience even if it didn’t go as originally planned. I would be so honoured to be the one helping you make those decisions.

My instinct has always been to help new families by bringing by basic essentials and helping with light chores around the house. I am so excited to be able to use this instinct to help more than just friends and family!

Prenatally to the fourth trimester, the transition into parenthood involves support, guidance and empowerment. In other words, it takes a village. Allow us to be part of your village."

Laura Ford

Laura Ford

"Hello! My name is Laura and I am a passionate mother of 2 that believes that Birth is one of the MOST Empowering and Sacred moments of a woman’s life.

As a Birth Ways International trained Doula, I am blessed and honored to be able to help and share in this journey in any way that I can or that is wanted/needed. I offer my full support, love and knowledge to the Mother-to-be and work in harmony with any partner that she may choose."